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Focus Areas

We make it easier to design world-class experiences and unlock human potential leveraging  the Microsoft Platform and OpenAI with you as a foundation for success

Human Experience

  Human Centered Design 

Employee Experience

Constituent Experience

Change Success Mgmt.

Prompt and Process Design

Microsoft and OpenAI

Microsoft CoPilot

Microsoft Viva

Azure OpenAI Service

Automate and RPA

Power Apps and Dataverse

Data and Security

Compliance and Governance

Microsoft Data Fabric

Data Quality and Training

Microsoft Syntex

API and Source Mgmt.

Our services are focused on driving efficiency and outcomes by providing our clients with a simpler, more predictable way of partnering that allows us to reduce our overhead and pass the cost savings onto our clients without compromising on quality.

Fixed Cost

Mountain climbing

Efficient, Outcome Based

Our consultants are motivated to deliver results within the agreed-upon timeframe, enhancing overall project efficiency. with a stronger emphasis on outcomes, problem-solving, and value. We align our team's compensation with our client's success to ensure there is  shared objectives and goals.

Day Rates

Desert Mountains

Simple, Predictable

A day rate offers simplicity and predictability for both the consultant and the client. Commitment to uninterrupted blocks of time to our client's work allows for deeper immersion, focus, and productivity.  Instead of how many hours can you bill; we measure how much  we can do together in a day.


Helping Hand

Reduce Overhead, Costs

This enables us to reduce our administrative overhead related to timekeeping, invoicing, and payment tracking, and more .   The streamlined process  making planning and budgeting easier  allows us to  leverage  more skilled and capable people to do more for you at a lower total cost.  

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