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Microsoft CoPilot-Navigation/Training

As a user of M365 you already own an incredibly powerful AI assistant for work. Access to this feature does not benefit you unless your team learns and adopts it quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, your organization won't realize the full benefits of the feature until it is configured to your unique knowledge model.


  • Enhance creativity and curate an organizational knowledge model that leverages familiar Microsoft Productivity Tools to enhance communication, collaboration, and eliminate information silos.

  • Streamline business processes, automating routine tasks, while incrementally and iteratively improving the human experience for your employees and constituents.

  • Improve security, privacy, and compliance to ensure that your data remains protected and meets industry specific regulations, data loss and cyber threat protection.

  • Increase Revenue per Employee by enhancing and augmenting employee productivity. Optimize your business processes making it easier to do business you. Save money by consolidating your IT portfolio instead of adding and managing more Apps and Systems.

Solution and Approach Overview

Unlike many of your previous business application modernization or implementation efforts the focus will not be on application configuration, development, integration/migration work. These productivity tools will not require a ton of effort around data transformation or modeling.

The focus should be on the human experience or the intersection of rethinking, redesigning, prioritizing, and planning for the shift from current state processes to the future, while managing that change successfully. Helping your employees grow and create more value for your constituents.

We recommend that you invest time in educating, evaluating, and planning to pilot this technology in the fall of 2023 when we expect public preview with full roll-out when released to general availability in January of 2024 or potentially sooner.

  • Education - Bring sponsors and key stakeholders together for a focused presentation and workshop to learn about the competitive advantages such as increased productivity, collaboration, and security as they relate to potential challenges and risks. Start to aligning organizational or group strategy and goals to these opportunities and challenges.

  • Evaluation - Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or measures for success. Assess your readiness and your current M365 environment. Calculate estimated impact and cost-benefit analysis. Develop a business case for change and identify risks.

  • Planning - Develop a pilot and roll-out plan for the organization that focuses on enabling the organization to succeed with a learning and development plan. Learn about integrating existing systems and develop a strategy for change success.

No opportunity worth pursuing is without risk. It's about managing those risks successfully.


Mitigation Plan

No alignment to goals or no planning

​Vision, Strategy, Goals Alignment

Unrealistic expectations

Business Case for Change and Justification

Change capacity, resistance, and saturation

​Change Success Plan

Insufficient Training

​Learning and Training Plan

Too much focus on the machine

Human Experience Design

Inadequate integration with existing systems

Data Champion Success Framework

Overlooking Security and Compliance

Privacy and Security Review


Organizational leadership, all employees, and your constituents. We recommend forming a steering committee to sponsor and support planning, prioritization, governance, resource allocation, training, and implementation of the technology

Technology Platform

Microsoft has already started released the technology to a few select customers at the beginning of 2023. We are expecting Microsoft to release the technology for public preview in the Fall of 2023 with General Availibility (GA) in 2024. Most of our customers leveraging Microsoft 365 subscriptions currently will have access to CoPilot during the release cycle.

The solution leverages OpenAI seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft platform with the ability to easily connect to legacy business applications such as Salesforce or ServiceNow. #M365, #MicrosoftTeams, #PowerPlatform

Where to Start...

A conversation is the best place to start. Let's talk about how we start to educate key stakeholders and sponsors within your organization in preparation for proper and proactive evaluation and planning efforts.

Contact Us for more information....


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