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Microsoft Viva Goals-Pilot/Training


  • Alignment and focus on organizational, team, individual, and program/project goals that provide clarity on connecting their work effort to impact. Enabling employees to prioritize and concentrate on the work that matters, while learning new skills.

  • Promote collaboration and transparency to remove walls or communication barriers between groups by providing visibility into areas where they can help and support each others goals and objectives. Drive adoption of OKR standards.

  • Improve employee engagement and performance by setting measurable goals, tracking progress in real-time, so they can visualize their contribution and impact. Fostering a sense of purpose and accomplishment boosting morale and job satisfaction.

  • Data-driven decision making using valuable insights from the platform can eliminate the need for slow, complex approval processes. Make informed decisions on driving growth and efficiencies that are aligned at all levels of the organization

Microsoft Viva Goals and OKRs

Solution Approach Overview

Implementing Viva Goals in a phased approach can help ensure a smooth transition and allow employees to adapt to the new system gradually.

Preparation and Planning Phase - focus on creating an understanding of the benefits of OKRs using Microsoft Viva Goals within the organization. Conduct education sessions to familiarize key stakeholders, including managers and team leads, with the platform. Simultaneously, gather feedback during these discussions from employees to understand their current and ideal future state goal-setting practices . This information will enable you to design and configure the best employee experience tailored to your organization.

Pilot Implementation - select 1-3 groups or departments to pilot Viva Goals. Define clear objectives and key results (OKRs) for the actual pilot as well as the individual employees in these groups. Guide pilot sponsors and stakeholders to design a great employee experience. Gathering feedback, making adjustments, and identifying any potential challenges with an organizational roll-out plan.

Organizational Rollout - After the successful completion of the pilot phase, begin incrementally and iteratively rolling out Microsoft Viva Goals to the entire organization. Provide comprehensive training and support to all employees, ensuring they understand both the purpose and platform. Establish clear feedback loops on organizational, team, and individual goals back to leadership.

Continuous Improvement and Support - as the solution becomes an integral part of your organization's goal-setting and performance management processes, continue to gather feedback from employees, encourage open communication and transparency, while identifying opportunities for improvement.

Avoid these common risks and pitfalls when implementing these changes.


Mitigation Plan

​Lack of buy-in and support

Sponsorship and adoption planning

Poor goal setting behavior

​Learning and Training Plan

Overemphasize quantitative over qualitative

Human Experience Design

Change capacity, resistance, and saturation

​Change Success Plan

Inadequate Communication or Transparency

​Communication Plan

In-sufficient resources

Business Case for Change and Justification

Neglecting company culture and vision

​Vision, Strategy, Goals Alignment

Technology Platform

The solution leverages a combination of Microsoft cloud and OpenAI technologies that our clients already own or can add via their M365 subscription. The tool is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, M365, Microsoft Viva Suite, Microsoft CoPilot, and can be extended easily via the Microsoft Power Platform.

Pre-built Integrations: Jira, Azure DevOps, Monday, Asana, Google, Slack, Github Salesforce, Amazon Redshift, Domo, Box, GitLab, Snowflake, ZenDesk, and the entire Microsoft Platform. Custom integrations based on client technology environment and data strategy,

Where to Start...

We recommend starting a structured 6-10 week pilot with progressive goal oriented groups within the organization.


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